Kapal works with professionals including; Engineers and Accountants to produce software needed in the industry to solve the problem of managing complex asset data.


  • Reports produced online
  • Reduce time by at least 50%
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Your branding and client
  • Access to rates
  • easy reporting and document management
  • Collaboration features

White Label software
Branded App

  • Reports Kapal web application in your domain and branding
  • Your company domain website,
  • Your company logo/branding on website
  • Your company logo/branding and contact details on reports
  • Accepts payment and report purchase in app
  • No code required to get started Set up in 1 business day
  • Setup in 1 business day
  • B2B Partners
    Automated Partnerships

    • Expand your reach and revenue
    • Sell via partners
    • Partners complete site surveys
    • Your team checks, amends and approves each report
    • Reduce your workload and expenses
    • Increase your revenue and profits

    Eligibility and Estimate Widget

  • Copy/paste code for your website
  • Branded Widgets
  • No updates needed
  • Direct ordering online
    Commercial Reports

    • Asset Register System
    • Manage Additions¬†
    • cash flow analysis
    • Managed legislation
    • Access to databases
    • Online access

    Building Operations Reporting

  • Life Cycle
  • Capex Forecasting
  • Sinking Funds
  • Maintenance planning
  • Fire Insurance valuations